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NEW GRAY MENDO CAP- cannabis hat

Mendocino County, California, is unlike any place on Earth.
We should know; our family has been here for nearly half a century. In that time, we’ve become a part of a community and culture dedicated to living life differently. It began with the hippies (our parents among them) who moved to Mendocino to escape the rules and regulations of an urbanized life. To reacquaint 
themselves with each other and with the Earth. To rediscover and reinvigorate their minds, their
bodies, and their individuality. To bask in the vast splendor of life—and to do so fueled by the
incredible Mendocino climate and the finest cannabis known to man. A company like ours could only 
come from a place like this. Mendo was founded by this community, on those principles.
With a rebellious spirit and a courageous heart, we created a seed-to-shelf craft cannabis company that’s inspired by art and intuition, grounded by science and research, and driven to create cannabis that is 
“Mendogrown” for the enrichment of mind and body. Despite the growing number of corporations and 
investment firms entering the industry, we continue to grow, harvest, process, cure, trim, and 
create every one of our products by hand the way we have for decades. We
harness the intuitive, symbiotic power of nature to produce superior products, and we ensure quality and
consistency through the precision of science. Our movement began with those looking for a change.
It continues for anybody who looks at the world differently, who believes in the power of cannabis to heal 
mind, mend body, and connect us with ourselves, with each other, and with each moment.