2oz FVibes 420 Guava-MINT INTENSE ORGASMS Aphrodisiac Private Reserve Lubricant

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F-Vibes 420 Sensual Sexual Massage oil Infused Arousal Pleasure Spray 2 OZ.

Looking to evoke your sensual side? Our Bedroom F-Vibes420  products are an infused pre-foreplay personal lubrication inspired by ancient rituals and formulated to awaken your intimate essence. This sensual lubricant is formulated to enhance your intimate experience in a safe and holistic way. Rest assured, this product is designed for all genders, no matter who you are, who you are with.

Natural Arousal Lube  f-vibes420  GUAVA-GIRL MINTINTENSE  ORGASMS  2oz. sprayPRIVATE RESERVE-LIMITED RUN100% ORGANIC FORMULA APHRODISIAC LUBRICANT, MASSAGE Formulated specifically for women, Pleasure enhances tactile sensations while decreasing tension, discomfort and dryness. Clients report enhanced access to orgasm and deeper orgasms. Sourced from sun-grown cannabis cultivated to organic standards

  • Delivered in 100% organic-certified coconut MCT oil
  • 30-50 servings per bottle
  • Independently-tested for purity: free of pesticides, heavy metals, microbes and other toxins


All 100% Organic Sensual Massage oil with natural Plant Oils with added organic olive oil, organic almond oils, organic mint oils, Organic damiana / 2 oz. Spray- Use 15 minutes before intimate contact.This is an incredible sexy soft texture organic oil that you will absolutely love and be telling your friends about in no time.Gets women in the mood.. Please compare to Foria Spray... any women that have tried this absolutely love it, and we are not just saying that! We are so passionate about making the absolute finest products all Organic! Truly made with Love! Safe to use, safe to share and safe to eat (not intended to be ingested) 

Yes Made from OUR PRIVATE RESERVE GUAVA-GIRL MINT our feedback has been nothing but spectacular with f-vibes 420 made from this strain.Try it once, you'll be hooked! Leave us honest feedback on the product and get 20% off your next order!! We will send you a code! Please do not buy if you have ANY plant related allergies.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

This product is intended to be a sensual massage oil for intimacy. Test on back of your hand first to make sure that you do not have any plant related allergies.Usually SAME DAY SHIPPING!!!

Wonderful absolutely wonderful Wife and I enjoyed the F-Vibes 420 arousal oil to bring things up a notch for her. Used the lube when I was sore from the night before. Both had good feel, taste, and smell.

Was this helpful?  6    001/16/2022

OMG YESThis oil amplifies everything and the orgasms are incredibly intense. Buy it, like, right now!!

Anonymous Age35-44

  • GenderWoman

AmazingThis F-Vibes stuff is definitely worth it!! I do love what it does! Yes, you need this in your life

Was this helpful?  3   001/15/2022 Anonymous Age55-64

  • GenderMan

Good stuff The wife seems to get more excited than normal (though more research needed) and the lube lasts a long time. Good purchase

Great lubricant and organic! I am loving this oil for general post menopausal dryness and sex.

Wow! Awesome product!  THANK YOU!!!  2oz FVibes 420 INTENSE ORGASMS Aphrodisiac Private Reserve Lubricant (#255369913832Buyer: jnj_farm (2664)US $38.29 

Most Amazing-5*****My wife and I love this oil. It is the best lube we have ever used. Vaginal, anal mouth. I also love it for self pleasure. Gets me off in seconds.

Past monthReply by darkshadow5284Left within past month.Thank you very much :) Enjoy it! Its 100% organic made from the whole plant. Use code "save10 at theblackbat!